Operate as a CRA or own a criminal database?

Expungements are a problem for every company that holds a database of criminal history records. We know that courts are removing expunged records from their databases. We know that some courts tell us when they do. But we also know that the majority of courts don’t. That means we know there are records that we would like to remove, but we don’t know which ones they are.

Attorneys who specialize in obtaining expungements have learned that they need to tell database companies to remove the expunged records. Unfortunately, they face problems of their own. They don’t clearly know the difference between the companies that hold the database and the ones that use the databases. The attorney's only recourse is to send copies of their form notice to dozens of resellers who funnel multiple copies of the notice to the database company they use.

The reseller loses by having to handle the unnecessary notice. The database company loses by having to handle multiple copies of the same notice. The attorney loses by being exposed to malpractice risk for failing to locate the right companies. And the client loses by having to pay for all the letters the attorney sends.

The Expungement Clearinghouse expedites the updating of information provided to many commercial background screening providers in the U.S. by securely sharing data about expunged criminal records with participating member companies. The Clearinghouse provides a faster and more coordinated approach for consumers, their attorneys, courts and other sources to efficiently disseminate information about criminal records that have been cleared or updated by the courts to the commercial background screening industry.

The Expungement Clearinghouse has partnered with The Foundation for Continuing Justice to help those who have had their criminal record cleared by the courts to efficiently disseminate this information to the commercial background screening industry. This partnership will help to ensure that job seekers realize the full benefits afforded to them under the legal process of expungement, leading to faster and more efficient background checks, and helping qualified job applicants to more quickly secure meaningful employment.


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Show that you are dedicated to proactively assisting people trying to rehabilitate from their criminal past

Save resources when more and more consumers and attorneys send their expungements to a single centralized source, instead of to you and your resellers

When consumers dispute expunged records, offer a more thorough method of removing expunged records

Reduce legal exposure (including defense costs) under state and federal law for providing data that is no longer publicly available

Save money by reducing the number of disputes based on data that is no longer publicly available and by reducing the number of records  to re-verify with public sources.