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Helps insure you get the full benefit of having your record cleared  by the court by greatly reducing the of number private-sector databases that have expunged records in their active files

Getting your record expunged is only half the battle!

Since many courts and agencies do not proactively inform the public of expungements, a person may obtain a court order expunging or sealing a record but that order may never be received by the criminal record database companies, who are a source of criminal record information to many of the background screening companies in the US.

To solve this problem, the National Expungement Clearing House has formed an exclusive partnership with The Foundation for Continuing Justice.

The Foundation offers a free service to those who have had their criminal record sealed, expunged or otherwise made non-public by the court to have this information removed from private companies who provide the information for private background checks. Visit the Continuing Justice website to download their application form to start the removal process.

This partnership will help to ensure that job seekers realize the full benefits afforded to them under the legal process of expungement, leading to faster and more efficient background checks, and helping qualified job applicants to more quickly secure meaningful employment.