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The Expungement Clearinghouse expedites the updating of information provided to many commercial background screening providers in the U.S. by securely sharing data about expunged criminal records with participating member companies. The Clearinghouse provides a faster and more coordinated approach for consumers, their attorneys, courts and other sources to efficiently disseminate information about criminal records that have been cleared or updated by the courts to the commercial background screening industry

No cost to participants

Save time
Save resources when more and more consumers and attorneys send their expungements to a centralized resource, instead of to database companies, their resellers and their clients

Reduce liability and exposure
Remove from the databases
criminal records that are no longer publicly available

The Expungement Clearinghouse has partnered with The Foundation for Continuing Justice to help those who have had their criminal record cleared by the courts to efficiently disseminate this information to the commercial background screening industry. This partnership will help to ensure that job seekers realize the full benefits afforded to them under the legal process of expungement, leading to faster and more efficient background checks, and helping qualified job applicants to more quickly secure meaningful employment.

Over time it is expected that more and more consumers will find their way to the Foundation, reducing the number of expungement requests directed at database companies or their clients.


Database companies

Government agencies